Thursday, October 23, 2014

One tough kid

 Will had to get his tonsils and adenoids removed today. Something we knew would be a possibility since he was born.  Children born with Down Syndrome tend to develop sleep apnea from smaller facial structers, enlarged adenoids and tonsils. For the past month or so Will hasn't been sleeping well, was snoring and would sometimes stop breathing. So, we weren't surprised when the ENT said the tonsils and adenoids had to go. 

Below are some pictures from today and yes, Cutch was lucky enough to join us. 

Will before the procedure giving a thumbs up.  He really is too cute!

Cutch waiting for Will's procedure to begin. As we were waiting, Cutch's nose was sticking out from underneath the curtain and then all of the sudden we heard someone taking a picture with their phone (it was actually the anesthesiologist). Their comment to us was, "you just don't see that in a surgery center everyday."

Will after surgery. He did fantastic and was happy to eat 2 small cups of applesauce right away. We think he enjoyed finally getting some peace and quiet from the craziness at home. 

Cutch waiting on Will to wake up, apparently he needed another nap, too. 

And just because...

Make sure to check back soon, we have some pictures of Cutch learning the beginnings of his scent training 😊 


  1. Hope everyone is doing better, I didn't know he had surgery....I would have been praying for all of you �� the pictures....

    1. He is doing much better, he can actually sleep at night now :)