Sunday, December 7, 2014

A day in the life of Cutch

A day according to Cutch...

Good morning everyone!

Will wake up, I am starving. 

On the way to my school, this is just the perfect spot for my head. 

Just getting ready to do some work, you know, just learning how to use my nose. 

In one of those is my boy's salvia that I am learning how to detect to catch a low blood sugar. 

Home from school just chillin' with the littlest. She does not like when I try to steal her crayons. 

Playing with Will. I may or may not  have eaten a hole in his bath robe. Doesn't he look adorable in his new bicycle helmet?

Finally, it's time for bed!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Even Superheroes Need a Sidekick

A person living with Type 1 in my opinion should  be considered a Superhero, especially the little ones.  

Life is difficult enough, let alone feeling horrible from low and high blood sugars, ketones, pump changes, finger pricks for blood sugar checks, multiple daily injections, being awoken as you are sleeping soundly to eat something to prevent a low. The list could go on and on. But much to my surprise our superhero keeps going with a smile on his face.

Will's Kindergarten pictures, hamming it up. Even stupid diabetes can't keep this kid from smiling! 

Jeff and I always check Will's blood sugar before he goes to bed and before we go to bed. Last night Will's continious glucose monitor (CGM) was reading a little on the low side, especially overnight. A CGM is something we like Will to wear because it shows us trends in his blood sugar. It actually reads interstitial tissue, so it isn't as good as a finger prick, but does catch most lows and highs.  We have Will's CGM reciever set to alarm at 100, so that we can hopefully stop a low. However, since it doesn't actually read blood sugar there is usually a 20 minute delay. 

So, I check his blood sugar and his CGM was actually spot on. Sadly though, we had to wake him up, give him some honey and back to sleep he went. 

Cutch was right by Will's bed as I was checking his blood sugar. 

Someday, Cutch will help to provide another layer of protection for Will. Sometimes even a superhero needs a sidekick :)

Thankfully, the honey and temp basal did the trick. Jeff or I will check his blood sugar again between 2 AM and 3 AM, just to make sure he is within range.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

One tough kid

 Will had to get his tonsils and adenoids removed today. Something we knew would be a possibility since he was born.  Children born with Down Syndrome tend to develop sleep apnea from smaller facial structers, enlarged adenoids and tonsils. For the past month or so Will hasn't been sleeping well, was snoring and would sometimes stop breathing. So, we weren't surprised when the ENT said the tonsils and adenoids had to go. 

Below are some pictures from today and yes, Cutch was lucky enough to join us. 

Will before the procedure giving a thumbs up.  He really is too cute!

Cutch waiting for Will's procedure to begin. As we were waiting, Cutch's nose was sticking out from underneath the curtain and then all of the sudden we heard someone taking a picture with their phone (it was actually the anesthesiologist). Their comment to us was, "you just don't see that in a surgery center everyday."

Will after surgery. He did fantastic and was happy to eat 2 small cups of applesauce right away. We think he enjoyed finally getting some peace and quiet from the craziness at home. 

Cutch waiting on Will to wake up, apparently he needed another nap, too. 

And just because...

Make sure to check back soon, we have some pictures of Cutch learning the beginnings of his scent training 😊 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Life is Good

Cutch patiently waiting for Will to wake up in the morning. A growing puppy just has to eat!

Too cute not to share. Hard to believe Will is going to turn 6 in a few weeks.

At the grocery store in the check out lane. It is exhausting walking around the store.

Cutch keeping a close eye on Savannah putting away the silver wear.

We have been working the "leave it" command in regards to food. If you notice Marley's bowl is filled with dog food, but Cutch is looking the other way. "Leave it" when food is involved is extremely difficult for Cutch...I mean you don't gain 60 pounds overnight :). 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

And We're Back...

I apologize for the lack of updates, but we are back!

Will the Thrill

Cutch and Will's relationship is growing stronger and stronger everyday. Will thinks Cutch is hilarious and imitates him often.  They really are funny to watch together.

Cutch has started the beginnings of his scent training and has really learned to use his nose to find objects.

Look for more updates in the near future!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Out and About

As part of Cutch's training, he comes with us most places. Below are some pictures of Cutch out and about in Hagerstown. 
On the playground equipment at Will's elementary school

Will and Cutch in the back of our car after a long walk.  Will needed a pump change, his blood sugar was abnormally high that morning.  We try to have Cutch sit with Will with every blood sugar check and pump changes.  Cutch is gettig better and better at "stay."

Best friends :)

Our first trip with Cutch to restaurant.  He did FANTASTIC and even slept as you can see below.  Ignoring food is not easy, but he is getting better everyday at the "leave it" command...Cutch rocks!

It is tough being a puppy in training!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Not so Little Anymore!


Picture taken in June.  He is just growing so quick!

On our way back from a trip Wheeling, WV, Cutch is laying in his favorite position, on his back.  Cutch is tipping the scales at 40 lbs these days, so the foot well below the kids car seats is getting a little tight.  From not on, he'll ride just behind the kids.

Cutch in his new vest, getting ready to go to the mall. When his vest goes on, he gets the command "work."  He does a nice job in public and is starting to understand that we are not out to socialize (trust me, he gets plenty of love and attention at home).

Just chillin' in the yard after our trip to the mall, it's difficult to be a puppy :)