Monday, October 27, 2014

Even Superheroes Need a Sidekick

A person living with Type 1 in my opinion should  be considered a Superhero, especially the little ones.  

Life is difficult enough, let alone feeling horrible from low and high blood sugars, ketones, pump changes, finger pricks for blood sugar checks, multiple daily injections, being awoken as you are sleeping soundly to eat something to prevent a low. The list could go on and on. But much to my surprise our superhero keeps going with a smile on his face.

Will's Kindergarten pictures, hamming it up. Even stupid diabetes can't keep this kid from smiling! 

Jeff and I always check Will's blood sugar before he goes to bed and before we go to bed. Last night Will's continious glucose monitor (CGM) was reading a little on the low side, especially overnight. A CGM is something we like Will to wear because it shows us trends in his blood sugar. It actually reads interstitial tissue, so it isn't as good as a finger prick, but does catch most lows and highs.  We have Will's CGM reciever set to alarm at 100, so that we can hopefully stop a low. However, since it doesn't actually read blood sugar there is usually a 20 minute delay. 

So, I check his blood sugar and his CGM was actually spot on. Sadly though, we had to wake him up, give him some honey and back to sleep he went. 

Cutch was right by Will's bed as I was checking his blood sugar. 

Someday, Cutch will help to provide another layer of protection for Will. Sometimes even a superhero needs a sidekick :)

Thankfully, the honey and temp basal did the trick. Jeff or I will check his blood sugar again between 2 AM and 3 AM, just to make sure he is within range.