Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Super Cutch

The past few weeks have been eventful, to say the least!  Life with three little ones and a puppy leads to little down time.  Cutch has been doing very well and is a quick learner.  He can now sit on command, is starting to pee on command (about 60% of the time),  is in the process of learning the command "down" and is walking better on a leash. 

As part of the service dog training, we have to expose Cutch to as many new places and people as possible. We have been to PetSmart, the grocery store, and a very busy park. As you can imagine, when with Cutch, there is no shortage of meeting new people, especially children.  Cutch handles himself really well and is always given the command of "sit" and must be calm before we allow people to pet him. 

Cutch, the Cutchman, Super Cutch, McCutchen

After our visit to PetSmart

After our visit to the grocery store...his preferred sleeping position (this dog cracks us up!)

Will and Cutch at the park

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